Viknes 1030 Sunbridge

A boat for the conscious owner!

All the best from our best-selling model, with a little something extra – Viknes 1030 Sunbridge takes a classic design one step further. Inside you will find the same well-equipped galley, the large saloon and the spacious cabins as in the standard version of the Viknes 1030, but take a trip out in the nice weather and let the sunbridge speak for itself.

The expansive open deck is perfect for relaxing outdoors. In addition to a versatile and social sitting and dining area, you will find here a large and soft sunbed, and in the front there is a third driver’s position, with up to three seats in the direction of travel. Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the view in all directions as you steer the boat towards your next destination.


Yanmar 8LV 370 370 hp
Yanmar 6LY 400 400 hp
Yanmar 6LY 440 440 hp

Crew, CE/Design category B: 6 pers
Crew, CE/Design category C: 8 pers
Beds: 2 + 2 + 1 pers
Length: 10,96 m
Width: 3,42 m
Total height, e.g. mast & bow: 4,20 m
Total height, incl. mast & bow: 5,20 m
Weight, std. equipped, Light ship: 6175 kg
Depth, max. loaded: 1,15 m
Bridge clearance w/mast, std. equipped, Light ship: 3,40 m
Bridge clearance w/mast, std. equipped, Light ship: 4,25 m
Tank capacity diesel: 350+350 litres
Tank capacity cold water: 160+180 litres
Tank capacity hot water: 40 litres
Tank capacity septic tank: 140 litres
Hull type: Semi-planing with keel
Engine installation: Single + Straight Axle
Values ​​may vary depending on equipment and adaptations.

Stern wall in glass, large sliding door
Large bathing platform with integrated living room
Bar cabinet under coffee table
Battery start x2, battery consumption x2
Bow thruster 4hp
Fire extinguishing system, automatic
Corian worktop galley and toilet
Defroster connected to engine fresh water
Diesel heater 4 kw.
Diesel heating outlet toilet room
Shower with shower wall inside the toilet room
Electric bilge pump with level switch
Driver’s seat Royal 100
Gas alarm
Gas grill 2 burners
Canopy side walls on aft deck
Canopy/harbor tarpaulin sundbridge black
Cooler drawer 65L
K3 cabin solution. main 2 + center 1 + aft cabin 2
Lantern mast with space for radar/GPS/TV antenna
Manual bilge pump 2 pcs
Furniture fabric *SAGAFJORD*
Upper cupboard above pantry incl. light
Living room in door
Steering position inside/outside
Spot lighting outside
Sunroof hinged on foredeck
Trim plan
Water alarm. Acoustic alarm for water in the keel
Bulkhead and door to forward cabin
Water tank 180 liters extra with meter
Hot water tank w/220 v. flask, with switch
Windows and doors with a “glued look”
Openable side window in saloon, BB/STB

Anchor windlass stern-mounted with lead rope 50m
Battery extra
Bauligh Xenon, stainless frame
Bow thruster 6Hk 2.pos inside and outside with own battery
Bowsprit stainless steel and teak with ladder
Bottom lubrication. 2 primer + 2 primer. Black
DAB Radio/complete with speakers inside
Diesel heat outlet aft deck with venter
Shower on bathing platform
Fixed teak table, aft deck
Fender holder for 3 fenders + attachment for outboard motor
Remote control bow/stern thrusters
Mooring polished transom
Frost protection tube 80 watts behind the pantry, with switch
Frost protection pipe 80 watts in machine room, with switch
Stern thrusters 6 HP
Loudspeakers outside
K2 cabin solution. main 2 + aft cabin 2
Canopy aft deck sunbridge
Contact 12 v. extra
Contact 220 v. extra
Land current complete with 1 pc 220V outlet and charger
Furniture fabric *DYNAMICA* colour
Row covers around sunbed
Saloon on aft deck BB
Saloon on aft deck BB with living room
Salon on aft deck STB
Shades w/mosquito net for Std roof hatch on the ground
Seawater filter
Skylight fixed incl. pleated curtain
Sun pad on the ground with stainless steel rows
Mirror in front cabin
Flushing pump fresh water
Flushing pump sea water. Breaks out.
Power unit seawater cooled
Teak on aft deck
Teak on standard bathing platform
Teak on steps, STB and BB
Teak scan deck and doll table
Teak sunbridge
Cover chairs, table, lounge and dashboard, sunbridge
TV 22” flat screen
TV antenna
Wash on aft deck. Hot/cold water
Ventilator fan toilet room
Window with a “glued look”
Openable front cabin window (Additional price)
Openable window in aft cabin.
Openable window in center cabin
Windscreen washer system
Interval wipers